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Lee Harris over 3 years ago

Cove needs more family restaurants. I was hoping the resurrection of Ches's would fit the bill, but the experience there was so, so bad. Something we maybe already have in Killeen or Harker Heights but a branch in Cove. Chili's? A steakhouse? Olive Garden? I also agree with those requesting another grocery store on the other side of town. I find myself using Walgreens more often for groceries which is more expensive but less hassle.

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Rose Pierce almost 7 years ago

I am on the 14U soccer team and I think that the game is very unfair. There are multiple fouls that the refs do not call. Soccer is now very unsafe an unfair.

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emily ray 8 months ago

The culture of human beings is dynamic. Having evolved through the years to become intelligent beings, people demonstrate a need to maintain a peaceful coexistence. Notably, peace has not been very common as a result of survival of the fittest. The world has witnessed numerous wars and violence, which has resulted in uncountable yet unavoidable deaths. This paper will look to outline the contribution of various artists towards the propagation of Cultural Revolution and ethical human values. The Raft of the Medusa was a painting carefully done by Theodore Gericault. It depicts the romances that existed in the traditional society. The painting also carries in it the aspect of horror, which emphasizes its classical beauty. It portrays a shipwreck or a raft floating in the waters with numerous bodies, most of which appear lifeless. The ocean is fiercely occupied by high waves threatening to tear the raft apart. The message here is that the traditional society sometimes becomes chaotic and uncontrollable. In Dulce et Decorum Est, Wilfred Owen depicts the aftermath of the First World War. In the painting, the soldiers appear desperate and deprived of dignity. The painting shows the pain and suffering that soldiers who participated in the world wars endured. The Fifth Symphony is probably one of the best works for orchestra of all time. Performed by Dimitri Shostakovich, the music was so appealing to the audience that it received a standing ovation that lasted for more than half an hour. This orchestra demonstrated the musicality of the society and the uniting power of music. The performers used traditional music instruments such as drums and flutes among others, further showing that indeed the society had embraced the power of music. Guernica was painted by Pablo Picasso as a response to the inhumane bombing of a village in the northern parts of Spain. Just like the Raft of Medusa, Guernica expressed the untold human suffering that resulted from the human-made tragedy. The painting speaks to the mankind about the absurdity of wars and violence. It promotes peace and hope in the culture as a way to harmony and coexistence. In his art, Spiegelman intends to depict the untold suffering of the Jews in the hands of the Nazi Germany. In his graphic novels, he depicts the Holocaust experiences of the Semites who lived in the time of Hitler. His art is intended to spread the culture of love and equal treatment of all human beings without discrimination by race, origin or color. In summary, the above works of arts have one message in common; the need to establish a culture that respects the life of all human beings as equal and important. They seek to spread the values of peace, love and harmony. In my opinion, the piece of art that best brings to life of the importance of human civilization and personal values is the Maus. The Nazi versus the Jews story is probably the one that shows how immoral and selfish some people can be. It showed a society that was wayward and uncivilized in their understanding of human beings. Spiegelman’s work says that the Nazi considered the Jews to be mice and used them to perform dangerous experiments that caused the death of most of them. Their lack of kindness and sympathy is further depicted when they put the Jews in concentration camps w to cause embarrassment and extreme suffering. Guernica, as painted by Picasso, also expresses the lack of personal values in the society. Darmian R. & Simonton D. in their reviews of Guernica analyze the undesirable effects of war depicted in the painting. People with personal values would not bomb an entire village and celebrate the human suffering it inflicts. Human civilization should foster respect for fellow human beings as one of its core values. This would promote dialogue as a way to solve issues rather than making war. Respect for other people is an important aspect of human civilization. In Dulce et Decorum Est, the captured soldiers lost their dignity and are disrespected. In his article, Jonathan Tan speaks about the harsh reality of the aftermath of the world wars as reflected by the Guernica. The soldiers were treated harshly to the extent that their health deteriorated.. This piece of art depicts the truth of ‘man eats man society,’ where the success of the war was associated with the number of deaths caused as well as the soldiers captured. In conclusion, these art works highlight the importance of human values such as love and kindness. With these values, human beings are able to live together in harmony without fighting and hurting each other.

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Idea: Awnings

Lakeview Blinds about 1 year ago

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lea tahuhu almost 2 years ago

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Central location for a community workout/gym with a large indoor pool. Someone could teach swim lessons all year. Every kid and adult need to know how to swim. Indoor basketball courts, handball courts. It could have a lot more, but the year round benefits for our town would be great.

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Casino Online 10 months ago

Pest manipulate is necessary because rodents and bugs bring diseases, infest your kitchens and bedrooms, and bite you or your pets. The purpose of casting off any sort of Nyc pest Control from your property, storage, or yard is to keep you safe and healthy. As an example, rodents can leave feces on or close to meals they locate for your kitchen. In case you by accident eat contaminated food, you may grow to be very ill. Pests of all stripes bring tough viruses and micro organism that require lengthy-time period treatment. Others can make existing scientific situations like bronchial asthma even worse.

Maximum insects belong in an surroundings aside from your house. In case you discover one or , it might be a random few that passed off to fly or crawl in when you allow the canine out or added the groceries in. The ones are not a hassle. However, whilst you see bugs on a regular foundation after unsuccessfully getting rid of them with retail products, it’s likely which you’ve got an infestation in your home. It’s very crucial to call an exterminator right now considering insects convey sickness and bacteria, like salmonella and e. Coli. Every of these can reason severe intestinal contamination. Discarded insect body-elements and excrement all contribute to unhealthy conditions, particularly for humans with lung-related fitness conditions.