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It would be nice to breathe some life into our downtown area. I remember live shows being performed once before. This would be a great outlet for youth and adults in the community.

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Tired of seeing 190 looking drab. It doesn't help to see all the vacant businesses.. ( old HEB, Old Walmart building, let's beautify 190 and not let it turn into another Rancier!

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Stephanie Ortiz almost 7 years ago

Get code compliance working on nuisance abatement, tracking down the absentee owners of abandoned or derelict buildings within the city limits. They're hazardous and unattractive, and the owners need to be held accountable.

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Getting across the some of the high traffic streets here can be really challenging. More and safer Cross-Walks could help, especially around the 190 areas and intersections.

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Kimberly WV almost 7 years ago

Or anywhere in Cove.

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Terra Shinkle almost 7 years ago

More parks for people to walk their pets or play with their children in all of the new neighborhoods would be really nice.

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Idea: Sidewalk

Patrizia Wilborn almost 7 years ago

A Sidewalk is needed from Martin Walker Elementary along the parking lot, around the fence and connecting to the sidewalk on Dennis Street.

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